About us

DEAX Law Firm was founded in the year 2017 with the goal of providing high-quality legal service.

The interests of our clients are the highest priority for us and our clients' satisfaction is the basis for our success. Our services are catering for private- as well as corporate (business) clients. Our (DEAX Law Firm) lawyers are seasoned professionals in their sphere of expertise, allowing us to provide high-quality service in various fields of legal practice.

As a reliable partner of ERGO Insurance SE DEAX Law Firm is also consulting clients on the matters of legal expenses, providing them loss adjustment and legal service. This partnership is a continuous manifestation of the high quality of our service.

Fields of activity

We mostly provide consultation in the following fields:


Labor law

Labor law is one of our main fields of practice. We consult our clients on the matters of labor law including the composition and revision of employment contracts and representation in Labor Dispute Committee as well as in court.

Law of obligations

Our experienced lawyers have profound knowledge on matters regarding the law of obligations, the representation of clients in judicial as well as extrajudicial disputes, the creation of projects of contracts and applications as well as the preparation of claim statements.

Public law  

The lawyers at DEAX Law Firm represent their clients in government agencies, local government institutions and in courts.

Family law

Our lawyers are experienced professionals in family law. We represent clients in disputes regarding alimony, divorce, distribution of joint property, determining custody and other matters in the pshere of family law.

Insurance law

In the field of insurance law, we mainly assist clients with disputes related to unrightfully assigned insurance indemnities or unwarranted recoveries.


The standard rate for our services is 110 EUR per hour. The final price depends on the type of project, the level of complexity and our total workload.

Additionally, we offer exclusive legal service packages at a fixed rate irrespectively of our lawyers’ time expenditure in order to ensure the highest level of transparency in terms of prices to our clients. We offer legal service packages in the following fields:

Legal service packages with fixed prices are offered according to our Terms of Service..
NB! 20% VAT is added to the prices.


We have seven highly qualified and dedicated lawyers in DEAX Law Firm. We are fast, thorough, professional, discrete and positive in every situation. All our lawyers have a master’s degree in Law. Our highest priority is to achieve satisfactory results for our clients in every case.